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Leather iPhone Cases

All you have to do is look at our high quality, real leather Apple iPhone cases to see the very significant difference in our product. Elegance and taste exude from both the exterior and interior, adding instant prestige. Hand crafted, these luxurious cases are specifically designed for each separate model, so they fit inside snugly with absolute perfection. A plush look and supple feel, their leather durability lasts and only gets better and more beautiful with age. Nothing says success like a leather iPhone case from Burkley Case.

  • $99.00

    Pieno Full Leather Covered Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 12 Mini (5.4") - PRE ORDER

    Description + This kind of cover is something truly to be desired. Not only does it hold your cash and cards in a beautiful premium leather she...

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  • $49.00

    Barlow Full Leather Snap On Back Cover Case for Apple iPhone 12 Mini (5.4") -PRE ORDER

    Description + Nothing quite says exquisite like genuine leather. Unleash your inner cowpoke with this minimalistic snap-on back cover case tha...

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  • $69.00

    Carson Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case For Apple iPhone 12 Mini (5.4") - PRE ORDER

    Description + Made from high-quality full-grain leather and space for your cash and cards, this premium leather case is perfect 2 in 1 for ever...

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  • $79.00

    Windsor Bi-Fold Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case For Apple iPhone 12 Mini (5.4")

    Description + A stylish wallet for a cultured individual. Its bi-folding design allows you to fit even more into a small space than would ordin...

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  • $68.00

    Carter Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case For Apple iPhone 12 Mini (5.4")

    Description + Made from high-quality full-grain leather and with extensive space for your cash and cards, this premium leather case is perfect fo...

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Screen Protectors For Your iPhone

Here at Burkley Case, we sell not only the best iPhone cases but also other iPhone accessories like screen protectors. We offer a tempered glass screen protector with a 9H hardness rating and scratch-resistant surface. These screen protectors feature an Oleophobic coating, which offers resistance to oils, fingerprints, smudges and scratches, and makes it easy and hassle-free to clean. They also have a crystal-clear transparency and high light penetration ratio, and bubble-free ultra-thin thickness. These screen protectors are extremely reasonably priced, offering a great value to add to your iPhone.

Other Types Of Genuine Leather Apple iPhone Cases

We have many other types of genuine leather iPhone cases here at Burkley Case, including a simple leather sleeve that has a slim, lightweight design and soft, suede interior. There is also a travel pouch and wallet case, which features the ability to carry your smartphone with or without a separate case, and combines handy slots and pockets for cards and cash and coins. This option fits most all iPhone. Another great choice is our Crossbody leather wallet case, which features a crossbody detachable strap for an added measure of security when traveling. It also has a slot for carrying 2 cards in a separate pocket.


There are many different types of real leather iPhone cases to choose from, offering you the kind of versatility you may not have ever considered before. Our customers are busy and successful people who live a lifestyle that keeps them in high demand. When moving about in today's fast-paced society, to keep up you need to be able to access your phone's information quickly and efficiently. Even when in "hands-free" mode, your phone needs to be easily accessible when necessary. We all depend on our smartphones for virtually everything, more and more each day. This is why our phone cases are designed with practicality and functionality in mind, as part of the overall quality.

Belt Holster Cases

Here at Burkley Case we carry several different types of leather Apple iPhone cases to choose from, depending on your personal needs. If you want to carry it right on your belt, we have a belt clip holster with a magnetic flap closure that fits several different iPhone models. We also carry a belt holster that threads right through your belt loop, that fits belts up to 1.5" wide. This version also has a magnetic closure on the flap, with a beautiful soft suede interior. These also fit several different iPhone models.

Snap-On Cases

We also offer leather snap-on iPhone cases like our Edmonds all-in-one bi-fold design. It features a snap-on case with an attached wallet and a magnetic clasp. It is made exclusively for the Apple iPhone XR. Our slim snap-on case features minimal bulk added to your phone with a full back covering. The lightweight frame offers structure, stability and safety. This case will fit your Apple iPhone 11, 11 PRO or 11 Pro Max, and you can also get it with either a back finger strap to hold onto or a back stand for the phone.

Folio Cases

The Folio cases have become quite a popular choice in smartphone cases, resembling a mini portfolio for your iPhone. It opens up like a book and offers versions with credit card slots and a built-in kickstand, for a combination wallet and phone case that's non-detachable. These folio cases are available in different variations, depending upon which model iPhone you need it for.

Magnetic Detachable Wallet Cases

Probably the most popular choice in Apple iPhone cases are our full leather magnetic detachable wallet cases. These cases have it all, with a premium quality wallet that holds your cash and credit cards plus a detachable phone case, in one innovative design that even features a built-in kickstand. There is even a deluxe version of this style of iPhone case, where you get double the room for your cash and cards. It has a bi-fold design, and also includes a transparent I.D. cover slot, with a separate magnetic detachable snap-on iPhone case. Different variations of these cases are available, depending upon which model iPhone you have.

What We're About

At Burkley Case, we care about our customers and the lifestyle they lead. Our genuine full-grain leather products are hand crafted and designed to reflect those lifestyles, with luxury and class mixing seamlessly with practicality and durability. The end result is an authentic, high-quality, premium leather product that has functionality and lasts a long time. Our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a 90-day warranty against faulty workmanship. Every order is shipped and tracked via USPS ground shipping, for free. Strong quality. Strong ambition. Strong leather. That's our motto. See for yourself, why people who know, choose Burkley Case.

In Addition

In addition to providing the best leather iPhone case you can buy, Burkley Case has many other beautifully designed genuine full-grain leather products and accessories. Whenever you need protection for your technological devices such as laptops, tablets, Airpods and more, peruse our inventory to find the perfect options that always combine elegance and taste with durable functionality and so much more. Burkley Case is simply the finest provider of real leather products for everyday use there is. For a business that understands your lifestyle and produces accessories that say success and prestige in every stitch, choose Burkley Case.


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