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STEM Majors as Burkley Case Products

STEM Majors as Burkley Case Products

With the school season starting up again, many high school and college students are starting classes again for their fall semester.  With the new school year, comes the back-to-school shopping season and adjusting schedules. College students have the unique responsibility in which they have to design their coursework for their four-year journey. 

Of course, there are some guidelines that they have to adhere to, but they do have some creative freedom.  

Those who choose to pursue a major in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) have a unique struggle as they often have a higher number of lecture credit hours that they have to attend and they have labs that they must complete as well. On top of that, some also have to complete independent research relevant to their major and present it for credit. 

This week we will be looking at chemistry majors and how their coursework affects their study and note-taking habits. 


This major is no joke. Chemistry majors have to take high-level courses like Quantitative Chemistry (application of math to chemistry to calculate the amount of a substance in a solution), Organic Chemistry (the study of carbon-containing compounds), and even Physical Chemistry (the study of chemical systems as it relates to physics) that require a lot of hours spent in lab work and in lectures. With the amount of information and practice that goes into this line of coursework, writing down everything by hand can become a cumbersome task. 

One method to solve this problem is to digitally take notes. This can take the form of writing digital notes or typing them up on a laptop or computer. 

Chemistry, especially when looking at organic molecules, requires a lot of drawing whether its molecules or reaction mechanisms, so typing may not be the best option. Luckily, digitally writing notes is a great alternative to pen and paper. 

 leather ipad case

iPad Leather Case + Apple Pencil Leather Case

The combined use of an iPad + Apple Pencil with note taking software is really a great way to take dynamic notes that you can color and add graphics as you need to. 

If you are a chemistry major who already uses an iPad to take notes, great! Now, you should consider how you are protecting your materials. 

Keeping a loose tablet and digital pencil is not a good idea if you want to keep your tech for a long time. But, you also should look at the quality and durability of the cases you are using. Buying a cheap case runs the risk of deteriorating quickly over time especially if you are using is every day or every other day.  

Leather cases are a great way to protect your technology and do it in style. If you are looking for a durable leather iPad case for your iPad mini, air, or mini, Burkley offers a few cases and colors for you to choose from.  We also have leather cases for Apple Pencils as well to keep your digital pencil protector or just to match your tablet case.
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